Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tonight...We Dine...at the table, actually.

Yeah, the highlight of today was that I made mashed potatoes from scratch. For some reason I expected it to be hard. It wasn't. Yup, I'm a rebel.
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Stinkypaw said...

Huh... weird question, but if this was the first time doing mash potatoes, what were you eating before?! You say you did them from scratch, you don't mean you've grown the potatoes, right?

I'm a little stun over here... please enlight me!

Marius said...

Normally we buy packets of dehydrated mashed potatoes. This time I bought actual potatoes, peeled, cut, boiled, and squished them up myself. :-)

Rosebuckle said...

I have to admit I am also stunned that you have never made them before. Hopefully now that you see how easy it is, you won't deprive yourself. MASH ON!

Turtle said...

Laff! It's all a matter of living in this "convenience based" world of ours. There are so many options out there designed to save time. We have your basic dehydrated flakes; your microwavable tubs; and now they even have pre-cut potatoes that steam in their own microwave bag, and all you do is add milk, butter and mash! It's just like making them from scratch, only you don't have to peel, cut or boil. (Available in your grocer's freezer!)

And, at long last, Marius discovers that the "from scratch" task is really not that complicated at all. Surprise!

Thanksgiving was always a family affair around my household, every getting asigned a particular task. Mine was always to make the mashed potatoes. I don't know why, but it was fairly easy, so I didn't complain.

Stinkypaw said...

I guess I need to spend more time in the frozen section, right Turtle?! ;-)

Good for you Marius! Easy and so good!!