Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Rudy Returns

Hi, Folks,
Rudy had the day off yesterday while I did some housecleaning and carpet steaming for my parents. Somehow that rascally sloth managed to get some photos taken while I was toiling away. He took a trip to Okaheelee park and got these shots.

Here he tried to fake me out by telling me that he had been thrown in jail for soliciting a prostitute.(this wouldn't be the first time)

Just as I was about to remind him that I had promised the last time to never post his bail again he couldn't keep a straight face anymore and laughed his fuzzy little ass off as he showed me this pic:

Later, being the ladies sloth that he is, he started putting the moves on my friend C, with whom I am staying:

All the while I was up to my eyeballs in pet fur and carpet cleaner. But I got the last laugh as my folks' new puppy, Hercules, had his way with Rudy.

But I guess he one-upped me again as later he was hitting on my friend J.

Sly sloth, that one. ;-)

More tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Looks like you are having a great time!

BTW, what kind of dog is that? It looks from the back to be the twin of mine?

Have fun, we are off to Cocoa Beach and Kennedy Space Center this weekend - and it was Princess's suggestion as a place to go.

Queen Bad Kitty said...

Ms. C looks like a frickin ROCK STAR!
My, God that is a great picture.

Happy slothing in So Fla


Turtle said...

Silly question, but where the heck is Okaheelee Park? It has been a few years since I've lived there, but I just don't recall it...

Marius said...

For Turtle's invisble question, Okeeheelee(I spelled it wrong)is on Forest Hill Blvd. just west of the River Bridge Shopping center. It's fairly new, but it has a golf course, and water skiing competition area.

Turtle said...

I am not sure why my comment didn't post, but here goes again...

Where is Okaheelee Park? I don't remember such a critter back when I lived down there...

Is it relatively new, as in 15 years or so, or do I just have a bad memory?