Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fay? Feh!

Above is the radar picture from about 25 minutes ago. The storm made landfall well to the south of us, and is expected to creep up the peninsula dumping lots of water. Today should actually be a nice, if cloudy day, with the weather gradually deteriorating into gusty winds and heavy rain tonight. We took this one seriously, and stocked up on hurricane supplies, so we should be just fine. I did a bit of research and it appears that the last time the Tampa area took a direct hit from a hurricane was all the way back in 1985 when hurricane Elena(remember that one, my SCA brethren?) stalled just off the coast and then took her sweet time crawling onto the shore. So if you are worrying about the structural integrity of Castle Marius in the face of Nature's Fury(tm) fear not. We're just going to get a bit damp. But thanks for the concern. It's nice to be worried about, sometimes. ;-)

Safely yours,


Anonymous said...

How could I forget Elena? Coronation weekend, located at Camp Wy-Lani. Located in the Shire of the Storm...imagine that! Yep, I was Kingdom Exchequer during that mess.

Don't forget that Frances and Jeanne came through here as well. I rode those out at a friend's house. Fortunately, no damage from any of them.

I'm glad to see that this one breezed right by us again..

Anonymous said...

Don't tell my mom that -- they're under two feet of water and the roads are closed. *sigh* Could y'all maybe send some of it out SoCal way? Thanks. :)