Saturday, August 02, 2008

A Sloth's Journey

This is Rudy, my vicious attack sloth.

Rudy decided he wanted to do a travelogue of our journey to South Florida, and since he rarely asks for anything I decided to oblige him.

Here we are on our way out of town. Rudy didn't feel too well about those clouds, but I managed to reassure him that we'd be ok.

I wanted to get a shot of Rudy pumping the gas, but he felt that this picture more accurately captured today's gasoline purchasing experience.

Rudy insisted that I get this shot of him enjoying the scenery.

Topography? We don't need no stinking topography!!

Rudy had to pee, so we visited a rest stop on the Turnpike.

And who can leave a rest stop without some snacks? Not Rudy, that's for sure!

Then it started to really rain, so we put the camera away and Rudy went to sleep. Today we are going out looking for scenic and interesting places, so tune in tomorrow for more of The Adventures of Rudy the Attack Sloth!!


flurrious said...

Rudy appears to be enjoying himself already. Hope you're having a good time as well.

Purple Pigeon said...

ahaha! I love Rudy the Attack Sloth!! Him n Trev should get together.

Rudy and the petrol pump is a highly unsettling image!

Stinkypaw said...

Yay for Rudy, even though he's an attack sloth! Love that picture pumping gas, so accurate!

Couldn't help to think of his adventures like Trevor's "used" to have...