Thursday, August 28, 2008

Think of the Kittens

Monkey asked why am I not commenting on the Democratic National Convention. An excellent question, with a very clear cut answer: because they don't mean jack any more. Years ago the delegates from the various states would travel to the conventions, and wheedle and bargain and make deals, and then the whole thing would culminate with the announcing of the candidate. Now We The People(tm) decide long before the convention who the candidates will be. This renders the conventions little more than masturbatory exercises where people who were tearing at each others' throats just a few short months ago now pretend to be bosom buddies. The speeches are pointless grandstanding and posturing that take preaching to the choir to unbelievable new levels of self-gratification. If old wives' tales truly reflected the universe, every one would leave these conventions wearing dark glasses and carrying a white cane. Now I would never poo-poo any reason for a great party, and I am sure that they don't get much better unless you have a ticket to Mardi Gras at Heff's place, but that doesn't mean that I have to watch the revelry.

But fear not, gentle readers, once the debates begin ready yourselves for some genuine vintage Marius outrage and indignation.

Yours, under God, indivisible,


Anonymous said...

Love this title pic.

All I have to say is that I know of someone who has probably killed a horde of kittens.

Anonymous said...

Be that as it may- I have watched all of the convention this week on PBS- not just the keynote, thank you very much. I have spent a good deal of time moved and excited and well, just interested in what is going on.

No value at all- even when Obama laid out key strategies for his approach to change? Or Hillary addressing some of the real problems more than half of us face? I see your point, but I am not ready to be that cynical..... but remember, I had very liberal access to cake throughout this week. Surely that impacts my overall worldview.

(Aside: I just calculated the number of hours I spent watching this- whoops! I am a loser)

Marius said...

I envy you your enjoyment and enthusiasm, Monkey dearest. I often wish I weren't so cynical, and then I picture myself kicking the spectral ass of Richard Nixon for doing this to my generation.