Thursday, August 07, 2008

Here's To Good Friends

I just got home from a bittersweet evening. Most of my friends from my pool playing, beer drinking days gathered tonight for one final night of billiards, beer, and laughs before we all head off to our varied and distant lands. J and R are off to Holland tomorrow morning. I'll be heading back to Tampa via Naples. T divides his time twixt the Panhandle and West Palm, and S, J, and K live down here. If only Mrs. Marius, Kimbo, and Jeana were here it would have been perfect. But still it sucks when there are mere days between hello and goodbye, and months or years between goodbye and hello. Ah well. Better to see them infrequently than not at all.

Good night, my friends.


Stinkypaw said...

Yes it's much better on occasion than not at all!

Queen Bad Kitty said...

"mIssed it by that much..."
I'll be in South Florida Monday
to see my sister!

Oh, well.

Marius said...

Frak! :-(

Anonymous said...

I'll still be here in S. Fla. A certain someone will be VERY pissed if she doesn't at least get a freakin' phone call!!!!!!!