Friday, August 15, 2008


So I had a great day planned for yesterday. I bought ingredients to make a nice omelet for breakfast, then we were going to the movies, then spend the rest of the day in St. Pete. Unfortunately as I was making the omelet I started feeling nauseous, and as a result burned the eggs. As the morning went on I felt worse, to the point where my wife had to go to McDonald's to get breakfast. Then it started raining. So we went to the movies(The Mummy 3...don't bother. It's not even worth writing about.) and then came home. I finally got hungry and we went to Moe's for dinner, then I passed out at 8:30 and completely forgot to post yesterday. Shit!! But I am not giving up. So I stumbled a bit, I'm going to press on with my daily posts, and since I posted twice the day before, and at least twice today, can we call it even?

Marius the Tardy


Purple Pigeon said...

Oh no! What were you thinking? The Mummy 3?

Turtle said...

What was HE thinking?? What were YOU thinking!

Turtle said...

Okay, that didn't work. Try this: