Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Random Thoughts

I think it should be legal to ram rubberneckers. You know, those ghoulish assholes who tie up the freeway by slowing to a crawl when passing an accident scene in the hopes of seeing some carnage. Actually, based on stories I have heard from emergency response folks I have known, I think that it should be legal, nay encouraged, to severly pummel anyone standing around gawking at an accident, fire, crime scene. That's it! Hire people to ride with ambulances and fire rescue vehicles whose sole purpose is to knee-cap the ghouls with a steel pipe. And then the K-9 officers can train their dogs to piss on them while they writhe on the ground. Oh, oh, and then the press can publish pictures of them on special 'dirtbag of the week' web sites, so kindly grandmothers and Boy Scouts can spit on them when they get recognized at Target, and their own mothers would disown them, and then they'd be ever so sorry they took pleasure in someone else's pain.

Or even worse, make them George W. Bush's personal valet for a week.

On second thought, that's just too cruel.


Anonymous said...

I suppose you'd prefer if everyone just ignored the fact there was something going on and just blasted on past? I lost a good friend who was a volunteer fireman that had stopped to assit to a thoughtless hotrodder that had to blow through about the time John had leaned forward to help the man on the ground. Killed him instantly..

Thanks for the concern for the possibly injured.

Marius said...

I truly regret that you had to endure that tragedy, and I suppose that it is impossible to post something humerous without offending someone, however there is a vast difference between reducing speed to avoid making the accident worse, and slowing to a crawl to gawk. I have seen traffic snarls so bad due to rubberneckers that emergency vehicles were unable to attend the injured. I have also been told, by my CPR instructor, of an EMT being shoved off of a patient while performing CPR by a thoughtless imbecile who wanted a better view of the victim. I apologize if my joke touched a nerve, but the underlying sentiment is that when driving past an accident it is best to maintain a safe speed and stay out of the way of the professionals.

Anonymous said...

I will never forget the day that changed my life forever. My neighbor and I won an auction for a hog. Not owning much land, we had the hog killed. Well we went to Lowes and bought a deep freezer and put the freezer in the back of the truck. It took six of us to load the hog in the freezer. Well we get about half way home and suddenly the whole truck starts shaking. Come to find out the hog was not dead he had only been knocked out. Well let me tell you a 500 lb hog can kick the shit out of a 200 dollar freezer. We pull over to the side of the hwy just as the hog kicks open the lid. Not having a gun, we desperately hunt for something to kill the hog. While this happens, the hog gets out of the freezer and runs onto the highway. We thought we would be killed or even worse! Cars are swerving as the hog chases us all over the place. Luckily some woman pulls over and shoots the hog in the head. Had she not stopped, my friend and I would be dead and a mean pig would be terrorizing 1nterstate 49!! How dare you tell people not to stop and help others in need? Shame Marius shame!!