Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Mannequin and the Rabbi

Well, well, well. It seems our lovely(?) Senate hopefull dabbles, or at least dabbled in the occult. But Marius, that would be quite offensive to the right-wing Christians who find the Republicans so appealing these days. How can you say such things?

I don't have to. The Orlando Sentinel did. Apparently four years ago the Florida state government, in the person of one Secretary of State Katherine Harris, embarked on a six month study to see if the miracle liquid Celestial Drops would solve the citrus canker problem. Celestial Drops were introduced to our beloved Sec-O-State by rabbi Abe Hardoon, who told her that this holy fluid was water that was 'blessed' by its being kept in proximity to sacred Kaballah texts. It was supposed to have 'improved fractal design', 'high energy and low entropy', and 'infinite levels of order'. This is, of course, fertilizer of the highest grade, but Harris swallowed it hook, line, and sinker. Of course, if citrus canker was a trivial thing, and not the multi-billion dollar destroyer of entire groves, I suppose a little leeway for 'outside the box' thinking might be overlooked. But when a prominent government official can be so easily duped into spending tax dollars on what scientists later proved to be normal water, I strongly question her ability to represent anyone. And before anyone starts quoting Nancy Regan's use of an astrologer, she was not an elected official. The family members of politicians are allowed to be nut-jobs (Billy Carter, the Bush Twins), and add a welcome bit of comic relief to the often boring world of politics, but I don't think I want a senator who can be hoodwinked by every snake-oil salesman with whom she shares a tray of finger sandwiches. Of course, that's just me. ;-)


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