Thursday, August 11, 2005

Katherine Harris: Viable Republican Senatorial Candidate, or Evil Mannequin From Hell

So our old nemesis from the 2000 presidential election debacle is back. Rising like Freddy Kruger from the shadow of the Florida state legeslature, looking more and more like Katherine Helmond in Brazil every day, Harris has announced her intention to run for the US Senate. I will try to resist the temptation to attack her fasion sense, or steely hair style, as it bothers me when people attack female politicians differently than males. I mean I have read questions in the press as to whether she has had cosmetic surgery or not, or whether she wears too much make-up, and she has even rebutted that some pictures of her were deliberately doctored so she looked more made-up than she really was. No one has ever asked if George W. ever had any 'work done', or whether Dick Cheney needs to get hair plugs, so I won't resort to such juvinile musings here. (no, don't look at the title of this don't need to see his indentification...these aren't the droids you're looking for) Instead I will simply rejoice that she has thrown her pillbox hat into the arena. (damn! sorry.) I have done some checking into her background, and it's really no better or worse than any of Bush's other Death Eaters. There are numerous allegations of wrongdoing, and conflicts of interest, and then there was that whole election thing. But nothing solid, and nothing prosecuted. She is, in my opinion, at best incompetant-at worst as evil as the rest of them. But the reason I'm glad she's running is that lots, and lots of people in Florida are mad as hell at her for disenfranchising them in 2000. Folks don't usually pay attention to a vote on oil drilling, or whether a tax bill passed or not, but tell them they can't vote, or the vote they did cast didn't count, and they don't forget. Katherine Harris running for any public office is a great thing, because she is so universally despised by the left, and many moderates, that she can only help get people to the polls. And that is our biggest problem in this country--apathy. Too many people don't vote, and then bitch about what's going on with the government. Now if we can just get David Duke, or Zell Miller the GOP nomination in 2008 life will be sweet.


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