Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Mea Culpa

Ok, lately The Corner has been redolent with verbal compost, and for that I apologize. Life in the homestead has been particularly challenging, and the quality of my blogging, such as it is, has suffered. Also the news has been rather bland of late, with the usual conservative shennanigans, and liberal bitching, but nothing really noteworthy. Even on the science front things have been relatively quiet. The biggest news is that the Mars Reconnaisance Orbiter launched flawlessly a couple of weeks ago, and deployed all it's antennae and solar panels perfectly. In typical NASA hyperbole one engineer described it as 'the most nominal launch I have ever seen'. They're so cute when they get excited. It will now spend the better part of a year getting to our rusty neighbor, and then take 6 months of gentle aerobraking to settle into its final orbit. Once there it will send back truly specatcular images and data since it is carrying, among many other devices, the largest optical camera ever sent out of Earth orbit. So, in late 2006 things will get all Mars-y again. Until then, I'll try to avoid any more Shakespearean rewrites. ;-)

Love and kisses,

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Michael Friedman said...

Verbal compost... nice. I enjoyed the engineering excitement comment as well. "Engineers in love". Sadly I can envision this being a pseudo-engineer wannabe. However, I am pretty sure after something as stressful, critical, and expensive as getting machinery into spsace it would be hard for me to hoot with joy and scream, "hell yeah! Now that's how you launch a damn rocket!"

That's why I am not a NASA engineer, I guess.