Monday, August 08, 2005

In Vino Veritas

Saturday night, while deep into our cups, Dave, Jeff, and I set about to solve the world's problems. And I think we did a fair job of it. We managed to realign algebra, evaluate the Civil War more realistically, and establish once and for all that George W. Bush is an asshole. But one thing came to me that I think might bear closer scrutiny in the light of sober dawn. We were talking about 911, and the belief that Al Queada (or however the fuck you spell it) awoke the sleeping giant, and got more than they bargained for when we flattened Afghanistan. We were trying to fathom just what they had hoped would happen, when it dawned on my that, given that most of the hijackers were Saudi citizens, maybe the intended result would be the US coming down on Saudi Arabia. It could be that Bin-Laden and the rest of his penile-length challenged dirtbags are a puzzled by our inaction against the Saudi's as most of we are.

Discussion? Comments?


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Anonymous said...

Had more "fair weather" Baptists such as yourself supported mission friends 9/11 would not have happened. Every day Southern Baptist men and to a lesser extent their wives work with lost souls around the world. Had you put more in the offering plate (as opposed to buying another Star Trek plate) perhaps missionaries would have reached the lost souls in time. Now that it is too late to save the lost, our administration must take care of the problem. Please do all you can to support the Republican Party in this time of crisis. Remember Marius, GW and company are just cleaning up your mess. And the next time that offering plate comes around, please remember the good your money is doing around the world!!