Thursday, July 24, 2008

You Want Fries with this Ass Kicking?!

Along side the special room in Hell reserved for parking lot grocery cart abusers should be a very, very special room for the asshats who think it's a good idea to order food for ten at the McDonald's drive through at TEN O-FUCKING CLOCK AT NIGHT!!! It's bad enough when some lazy pinhead tries to feed an army from his car during the day, when the A-listers are working, but hitting up a drive through for a banquet when the mouth breathers and misfits are on duty is just plain stupid. And while I'm bitching why do I always get stuck behind the financial genius at the convenience store who is there to buy $50 worth of lottery tickets, and then takes fifteen minutes to decide which four scratch-off tickets he/she is going to add to this week's symphony of poverty and broken dreams? To quote Robin Williams, "Assholes do vex me!!!!!!"

Goodnight, dearest readers. :-)
Marius the Vexed


flurrious said...

I was at a Burger King drive-thru late one night and when I got to the intercom, the guy inside asked me to wait. I was sitting there for several minutes; meanwhile, a woman pulls up behind me and starts very loudly complaining, punctuated with huffy sighs, about how I'm not ordering. "It's a Burger King! Who takes so long to order at a Burger King!" "Oh my god! How stupid! Just ORDER! ORDER!!!" She was by herself, so her comments were entirely for my benefit. Finally she screams at me to get out of her way so she can order. I screamed back that it would do no good since I was waiting for them, not the other way around. She very meekly said, "oh. sorry."

When I got to the pickup window, there were two employees laughing their asses off. They'd heard her meltdown and asked me if I wanted them to drop her burger on the floor before giving it to her. I turned down their nice offer, and I also checked my own food over pretty thoroughly. I also never went back to that Burger King.

Monkey said...

Doing some late night dining?

Stinkypaw said...

They vexed me as well!