Saturday, July 05, 2008

Dreams Are Like Sausages

You don't really want to know what goes into either. Like why did the airport have a laundromat? And why was my mother being so insensitive when I told her I didn't want to do the laundry at the airport? And who the hell stole my clothes?!!!

Yeah, a good pillow means more time for your brain to fuck with you.



flurrious said...

And why am I wearing binder clips for earrings? And why is my next door neighbor in my kitchen? I hate that guy!

Purple Pigeon said...

amen to that! Weird dreams have been a lifelong plague of mine. F'rinstance, why does the tyrannasaurus know where i am hiding in the swimming pool holiday complex and try and smash through the ceiling?

Queen Bad Kitty said...

and why don't my Gargoyles talk to me when I'm awake?
And why do I keepp having to take that algebra final over and over?
and will I always outrun the faceless man in the plaid pants?

Anonymous said...

I have some interesting and very complex dreams sometimes. . . trouble is I can't remember them! But I always remember the Clay ones!