Saturday, July 26, 2008

Of Cabbages and Queens

Yesternight was rather weird. We had an 800% increase in the audience over Thursday night(1 person vs. 8) plus one of my dearest friends and her husband came to see the show. L was my student, then girlfriend, then roommate many moons ago, and has since married and moved to Texas. We haven't seen each other in nearly five years, so this was a very happy reunion. She, and hubby D, are in Florida visiting family, and the show coincided with this trip quite well. So they came, they watched, then we went out for a brew and visitation. We chose a small, but friendly looking establishment with outdoor tables so they could smoke. We got a round of beers and began catching up. Next we ordered a pitcher, but when it arrived the waitress told us that it had been bought for us by the gentleman at the end of the porch. He was an exuberant, friendly, very gay man who was accompanied by a nice woman probably in her fifties. He called us over, and we complied. We chatted, and hands were shaken, and back stories were nutshelled. It was kind of annoying, since I really wanted to spend the time with L and D since this would be the only chance to see them before they went back to Texas, but we were obligated by the beer debt to socialize. We told them about the show, and when and where it was, and they said they might just come see it. Then it got a bit weird. Our benefactor kept telling me what lovely eyes I have, even after it became very clear that I am married, with a kid, and quite straight. However, having grown up in the theatre this was not the first time a gay man had hit on me, although it has been at least two decades since the last time, so I accepted his compliments graciously, and to be honest it was kind of flattering. He never pushed it, so it was more embarrassing than anything else. Then the hour grew late, and we all had prolonged drives ahead of us, so we took our leave. L and D and I spent another 45 minutes or so in the parking lot talking, and hugging, then we went home. We had been drinking Bud Light, so I wasn't even remotely buzzed, and the evening ended later than is usual for me these days, but it was a good, if all-too-brief visit.

Tonight I'm going to take pictures of the show, so I'll post some of them soon.



Monkey said...

M, you have just learned something most women figure out by age 23- the cost for free drinks is too high.

Having said that, I agree, you do have lovely eyes......

celebhith said...

You sex-god, you! You probably broke that poor man's heart!