Thursday, July 10, 2008

Miso Sorry

God, I could go for a bowl of miso soup right about now. Ah well. Sorry this one is so late. I've had a terrible case of blogger's block today. But, better latte than never, eh?

So why is it that we'll respond to an immediately fatal situation, such as jumping out of the way of a car, or a gun, or other such threat almost instantly, but something that kills us slowly is easily ignored? Things like smoking, or in my case eating, that are pleasurable yet deadly over the long haul get rationalized away. Numerous studies have found that if we greatly reduce our food intake as we age, we'll live longer and healthier. Not to mention the reduction in danger of heart disease and stroke. And during the day I have no trouble controlling my eating. But when dinner time comes around, and I finish my first plateful, why does the Jabba part of my brain take over and start shovelling another helping onto my plate? When I was younger it wasn't that big a deal, but now I really need to back off, and I know that. But just like Gilligan in his Jekyl and Hyde dream once the mouth takes over it's hard to get it back under control. And to make matters worse last week I remembered, in the midst of a nocturnal feeding frenzy, a way to prepare ice cream involving chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, and a wee bit of milk that was taught me by a former girlfriend(and she knows who she is). Oh it was like a bowl of Heaven...and the next morning I felt like hell. And I can't even blame it on mind altering substances. The most exotic thing I ingest anymore is beer, and that does not lead to ice cream cravings. Nope, my mouth is trying to kill me, I guess. I'll have to have a long talk with it, just as soon as I finish this eclair.

Bo shuda!

Marius the Hutt


Stinkypaw said...

I know what you mean! I'm having control issues with food as well... Resistance is futile, especially if it comes with chocolate! ;-)

Monkey said...

You are experiencing food hangovers? From a bowl of ice cream?

Please don't tell me this is what the future holds.........

flurrious said...

And now I want miso. For a non-food blog, the Corner certainly has been making me hungry the last couple of days.

Marius said...

Stinkypaw: it wouldn't be so bad if the craving hit at noon, when I could then go out and bike for ten miles or so. ;-)

Monkey: Milk and I don't get along so well anymore. :-(

Flurrious: Then my work here is done. :-D

celebhith said...

Once again, welcome to my world. As we (that is, you and I) grow older, weight gain becomes a definite issue. Where, as a mere wisp of a girl, I would lose 2 pounds if I missed a meal and could eat pizza until I had to be rolled out the door and still not put on an ounce, ahhh, these days it is quite different.

Of course, I blame it all on the kid. . .since he moved out 2 years ago, I've put on 25 pounds! Everyone tells me I look great and I know I don't look fat, but my thighs are rubbing together for the first time in my life and I HATE it! Yes, I feel as if I eat non-stop too and to make things worse, I DON'T exercise at all! I'm a very bad girl.

So, I shall be happy to commiserate with you if you like, dear Marius. Name your poison.