Tuesday, July 15, 2008


This story was just too good to not pass along. Enjoy.

It's going to be an embarrassing day at the office for people who get their news from the Christian web site One News Now. The water cooler conversation about sports is going to get awkward when they say, "Did you see the record set by Tyson Homosexual?"

Yes, One News Now, which describes itself as providing "your latest news from a Christian perspective," calls the Olympic sprinter Tyson Gay "Tyson Homosexual."

Jim Buzinski of Outsports explains that the site has set a filter to change the word "gay" to "homosexual," and they don't bother to look at the context of the story before applying the filter. And that's how Gay became Homosexual.


flurrious said...

Now that I've stopped laughing, I will attempt to formulate a cogent response to this.

Nope. I've got nothing.

Purple Pigeon said...

What is someone is really happy and said ''Its been such a gay day!!''? Having a homosexual day is something completely different entirely!

celebhith said...

Too funny!