Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blog Soup

Well, it has been an interesting few days. First of all I apologize for the non-food related nature of the most recent post. I had meant to delete it before anyone saw it, but forgot and went to bed. The purpose of it was to test the RSS feeds on Firefox. Internet Explorer has been crashing with some annoying regularity of late on this here infernal contraption, so I switched over to Firefox. If you know not of what I speak, Firefox is a web browser that is, in many ways, superior to Internet Explorer. I have avoided it til now just out of sloth, and consideration for my lady wife who is more baffled by things digital than I. But with IE acting the prima dona suddenly, it seemed time. RSS feeds are for websites that update frequently. You can subscribe and be notified when a new post is there. It saves a bit on the browsing. But they are handled differently in Firefox than in IE, so in order to test them I subscribed to my own blog, put up a new post, and waited to see what happened. It took a while to figure out how to change the settings, and when I was done I was sleepy, and crashed.

And now, on to the show. I believe that I already mentioned that we had one person in the audience on Thursday. I wasn't too concerned, and we needed one more rehearsal anyway, so it was all good. Friday night we had nine people, most of whom were friends and family of the actors, so it was a good crowd. Saturday brought us eight people, and Sunday four. Yes, the numbers were disappointing, all the more so because a lot of people who assured me they were coming didn't. But the show was a brilliant success, and we got lots of pics and videos so that Steve can now document the performance and hopefully publish. Here are some shots from the show. The last one is of all of us, including JJ who ran the lights and sound.

Peace, y'all,


Anonymous said...

what is this play about? It looks as if the actress had to work pretty hard- was the actor playing a statue or something to that effect?

Marius said...

Very astute, my simian friend. The male is standing still because he was told to. The female is trying to get him to move. That is the crux of the play. It is an absurdist look at people who blindly follow authority, and at those who try to change others regardless of the circumstances. I think of it,and the playwright agrees, as this is what happens when two dogmas collide.