Saturday, March 01, 2008

...And In Local News

Howdy, Folks! Sorry I've been kinda light on content of late. It's been a bummer week that started on Sunday with a visit to the emergency vet because Artemis, showing remarkable ingenuity for a cat that never goes outside, came down with tapeworms. The only thing ickier than cleaning the cat box is finding living ickiness therein. It must be pointed out that Artemis hates, hates, HATES her carrier, so much so that she will claw at it until her toes bleed. This trip was no different. But she was good for the vet, and after having had my cat violated in numerous ways we came home healthier, if $130 poorer. Since we were going straight home I let her out of the carrier, and she thanked me by peeing in the back seat. I don't know how many of you have ever had to deal with cat pee, but it is easily one of, if not the most foul smelling substances in the known universe. I have tried carpet cleaner, Woolite, stuff that is supposed to be specifically for removing cat pee, baking soda, and Febreeze, and nothing has worked. Tomorrow I'm going to rent a carpet cleaner and see if that works. If not I'll have to burn my car and hope for a generous insurance settlement.(Just kidding, State Farm)
Then, in another testament to my continuing physical disintegration, I impinged my rotator cuff in my left shoulder. The result was that lifting my arm was agonizing. The doctor gave me a shot of steroids, and if you've never had the pleasure of a needle going into an inflamed joint, and then being moved around to make sure the medicine gets into all affected areas, I suggest you try it. You'll never gloss over tales of the Inquisition again. I was told to avoid all lifting for the entire week, which makes doing my job rather difficult. But I have found that the people at Home Depot are very helpful when you tell them you are broken and will gladly load six sheets of plywood into your truck for you.
On a less aggravating note, there is a Strawberry Festival going on in Plant City, and Mrs. Marius expressed a desire to attend. The blood bank to which I regularly donate is giving away a free ticket to the festival, so I went and did my civic duty the other day and we'll be strawberry bound as soon as she gets home from work in a couple of hours. I'll let y'all know how it was.
As for the pic below, it is apropos of nothing, but I think I would pay to see that movie over and over and over. ;-)

Peace, y'all.
Marius the Broken


Anonymous said...

I am sooooo sorry you're broken, Marius! Healing thought headed your way. Enjoy the strawberries!

Anonymous said...

So, was it Strawberry-riffic?

And I hate that you can go to a Strawberry festival at the same time I am prying ice off my car....