Wednesday, March 05, 2008


So you've read my rave reviews of The Sarah Conner Chronicles, and you know I am really digging this show. Well, Monday night was the 2 hour season finale. After only 7 weeks we get the season finale. And it wasn't that much of a cliff-hanger. And it was split up into two separate episodes. And there was much puzzlement. Then I did some digging last night and found out the truth. The writer's strike meant that only 9 episodes got finished, so that's where they stopped. Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed for more.

When someone you care about forwards one of those 'you are my best friend in the entire known universe' emails, and it includes instructions to send it on to 400 of your closest friends lest you be proven an unfeeling troglodyte, is it wrong to delete it immediately? What about those sappy, yet utterly bogus stories that include some kind of smarmy prayer at the end and are usually about some elementary school teacher who gives the writer a puppy then dies a horrible death and many years later the writer finds the puppy tucked away in an unused underwear drawer and we all cry?

Well, I guess the movie quiz wasn't as compelling as I'd hoped, but here are the answers anyway.
1. Alien
2. Henry V
3. LA Story
4. Dogma
5. Galaxy Quest
6. 2010
7. Tank Girl
8. Underworld
9. The Day The Earth Stood Still
10.Army of Darkness

Alas, time to make the donuts.



Anonymous said...

Geez, now that you have given the answers - I should have gotten Dogma and Army of Darkness. D'oh!

- KA

Anonymous said...

I delete everything. Anything with more than one "FW" in the title is never even opened. To know me is to know I am crabby and I do not want your BS email. Want to show you want to make a connection- what about actually composing a REAL email that is actually meant for ME?
And- no more things that open with music or images created with different fonts.
Also- I know you really do not know me if you send me Jesus stuff.
And now this crab will close her pinchers and climb back into the shell.

Purple Pigeon said...

hahahah that description of those emails started well, got funnier, then ended triumphantly! ''...writer finds the puppy tucked away in an unused underwear drawer and we all cry?''

Genius. Cheered my morning!

Marius said...



Rosebuckle said...

My, so much cynicism. Perhaps when we have good voice recognition on computers to take dictation people will write more personal emails. Most of us don't type that well AND don't like writing that much either. Takes WAY to long to get my thoughts out. I will say though, if I chose to pass on what I think is a nice sentiment to my friends, I delete any comments about needing to forward to others and I cut & paste

Stinkypaw said...

I either delete those emails or post them one my other blog "Feel Good Crap". Hee.

And not wonder I couldn't id'ed the quotes I've only seen "Alien" and "Dogma" (which I loved)...

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Rosebuckle. . I seldom pass on that stuff, but once in a while one of them hits me the right way and I'll pass it on. . .but I try to remember to delete the dire warnings about about many people to send it to, too!