Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lonestar, We Meet At Last

Howdy from Texas! As you can see I am alive and kicking. The fight was relatively stress free, thanks to the magic of Xanax and noise-cancelling headphones. Take off was smooth as glass, and though landing was quite the experience due to some serious cross-winds, by then I was pretty relaxed and didn't mind so much. I got to my hotel without incident, and after some abortive attempts to utilize the Metro bus system to get to the convention center as cheaply as possible, I finally gave up and called a cab. The George R. Brown(everything here seems to be named after a George) convention center is ginormous, and it took me a little while to find where my class was meeting, but I got there with time to spare. The actual convention doesn't start until Wednesday, but this Professional Development Workshop took up three hours yesterday and lasts all day today. It's about health and safety concerns in a theatre/educational environment, and so far it's been more educational for the people putting it on than it has been for us. That's ok, though, because one of my biggest problems throughout my career has been wading through the oceans of regulations and codes that don't apply to theatrical situations trying to find what does. These people know the codes, and are seeing that much of what they are teaching us doesn't really help, and our questions are helping them chart a path for the future of the course. So while it may be a bit tedious learning how to dispose of a ton of hazardous waste, we are helping to trim the data down to what we actually need.
After the class was over I was starving. So I came back to the hotel, and ordered a pizza. I devoted the rest of the evening to sloth and gluttony while doing nothing more strenuous than lifting the TV remote. And now I prepare for yet another foray into the world of things you shouldn't put in your mouth.


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