Monday, March 03, 2008

Strawberry Sucktival

Imagine a state fair, but less thought provoking. Imagine a festival dedicated to strawberries, but with only two places to get strawberry shortcake, and you'd have to stand in line for over an hour to get some. Imagine a midway so crowded that you could barely squeeze through. And imagine that you are me, and have no interest in prize winning cows, or people selling videos saying that 'evolution is a lie'. My wife and the young'n had a good time, but I was bored to tears. There were a lot of displays of country type things like cake decorating, and quilting, and such. And I am sure the craftsmanship was top notch, but it just was not my cup of tea. Plus I don't like crowds, and the place was PACKED!! If we weren't less than half an hour from a major city...Tampa...I could understand the crowds. But this might as well have been the only cultural event for hundreds of miles. Plus such places always give me flashbacks to the time at the South Florida Fair where I got totally fleeced by a smooth talking carny at the balloon dart booth who took me for about $15. For some reason this festival brought that embarrassing event back in vivid detail. When all was said and done we ended up getting some strawberries from the grocery store and making our own shortcake. But since the wife and kid had a good time it wasn't a total loss, and I get to not go next year. Next week, the Ren Faire.



Monkey said...

Sorry to hear it was suck-tacular. I long for a fair- because I cannot get enough of Kettle Corn. I will agree to go to almost any outdoor gathering if there is any remote chance the kettle corn people will show up.
I have a sickness- but we can only get this corn for a few months of the year.
Are you putting your final finishes on your Ren costumess?

celebhith said...

Can't wait for the Ren Fair to hit our area! Have fun!

Queen Bad Kitty said...

I remember it at the school fair at Boca Raton High School...or did you get got twice
Having an innocent/trusting moment (or two) isn't a bad thing...
it was those cheating bastards that were in the wrong and low in human spirit.


Marius said...

Actually I just assumed it was the South Florida Fair, but I know you were there. You also witnessed my fleecing at the hands of that 'psychic' bizatch in London. "You realize that 15 pounds is $30, right?"

Oh the pain, the pain...