Thursday, February 01, 2007

Art...a deliberate act.

So the next show we are doing at school is called 'Museum', which takes place on the last day of a certain exhibit at an art museum. Interestingly enough I was in this show twenty-something years ago as a young college actor, and now I am going to build it for a lot of young high school actors. To that end, as we did oh those many years ago, I took my most advanced students to visit a local art museum. It was intriguing to me to observe that they had much the same reaction I did at the time to some of the art. To summarize their comments, and to echo the ancient me, 'That's art?! Hell, I could do that!' What was different to me this time, however, was a realization that has eluded me for years. Yes, I could have done some of what is termed 'art', but I didn't. Art has nothing to do with level of difficulty. If it did then museums would be filled with cars and computers and other things that are hard as hell to build or create. Instead art is about the deliberate act of doing something no one else thought of. Sure I could take a suit, sew some plastic fringe on it, and do a performance piece at a used car lot, but I didn't think of that. The Art Guys did. Yes, aesthetics are important in art, as is a subjective desire on the part of the observer to accept what they are seeing as art, but in the great debate over what is, or isn't art, the deliberate act must, in my opinion, be given as much, if not more, importance than aesthetic 'beauty', whatever the hell that might be.

Just an observation.

Blessed be.


Anonymous said...

Acryllic emullsion on wax=blank

"Art is making something out of nothing and selling it."

Frank Zappa

That was a fun show.

...and I bet you still have that awful flannel shirt...hahahahaha


C.L. Jahn said...

I have to say that Kevin James nailed it: "Art is a verb."
What you see in a museum isn't art, it's what's left when the art is over.

Love the Hand Wars. That's art.