Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Chriiiistiannnns! Come out and plaAAaayaaay!

So what happens when Jesus returns, and rather than smite the unbelievers, he forgives and loves them?

Just askin'.

Marius the Damned


jacob ellard said...

Then what would be the point of living a "Christian" lifestyle if anyone can do what they please until Jesus comes back?

(I'm not quite sure I believe in the "end times" anyway. I'm just throwing out a suggestion.)

pikaresque said...

So is this the new version of the LEFT BEHIND book series??
Marius, you do LOVE to stir the pot! I can only imagine what brought this topic up.

I just love it when a person speeds by me,cuts me of in traffic, gives me the finger, with a baby in the back seat AND I see that little fish symbol or Jesus bumper sticker on the car.

Jesus lived the life and they crucified him.
I doubt modern day followers would do the same (they may be some)
But it is my experience most people will do anything, be it cheat , lie, steal, kill....if they believe they'll never get caught.

I do not believe in the end times.
I am leaning towards the concept of this is hell right here on earth, and what you do in it is the real salvation.

Happy Lent everyone (hahahahhaha)
I'm giving up posting Hasselhoff pics on my page.


C.L. Jahn said...

A cardinal runs into the pope's office and says "You holiness! I've go good news and bad news!"

"What's the good news?" the pope inquires.

"Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, is returned!"

"That IS good news!" says the pope. "So what's the bad news?"

"He's calling from Salt Lake City, and he's really pissed at you."

Anonymous said...

I've believed for years that the life we live here is "hell". . . death can only put us all in a better place.

As for the Christian life-style: I'm Jewish and while not religiously so, I do get soooo sick of the forwards I get pushing Jesus at me. Now, in fairness, I may actually believe he is the Savior; I'm just not sure and I'd like to be left alone to make up my own mind (such as it is). . .

I think when Jesus comes back, he'll announce to the world that we (Jewish) folk, really ARE the chosen ones!!! Now, that would be righteous!

Heather said...

Jesus is Coming!

(Everyone look busy)