Tuesday, February 27, 2007

And the Oscar goes to...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Is it just me, or has this country's obsession with not ruffling the feathers of the ultra-conservative right lead to two of the most boring events in recent memory? The Superbowl was a yawn-fest, and now the Oscars were about as exciting as watching a Bingo tournament on CSPAN. Sure, it was a classy evening, and the stars were all bedecked and beautiful(although I guess Ben Affleck couldn't find a tux), and Ellen Degeneres did a nice job as host. But that word 'nice' just sort of sums up the whole affair. To paraphrase George Carlin, nice is such a flabby word. I was looking forward to Ellen's turn at the podium, and she was pleasant, inoffensive, and...well...nice. She was funny, but not in a 'laugh til it hurts' funny. More like 'quietly grin when she gets Spielberg to take a picture of her with Clint Eastwood for her MySpace page' funny. Admittedly I have seen very few of the nominated films this year, but that's never stopped me from enjoying the show before. This year's show, however, was lacking in any of the over-the-top stunts and political posing we are used to seeing from our American royalty. The most controversial comment all night was when she pointed out that America didn't vote for the woman from Dream Girls on American Idol, but did vote for Al Gore. It was a sedate, refined, dignified, and thoroughly boring night of television. And for the second year in a row they did not do a memorial to the stars who died in the past year. I always look forward to that, not in a ghoulish way, but as a chance to remember those who had worked hard in their lives to entertain us. I guess the stirring up of any sort of real emotion is forbidden these days.

I realize that this is a couple of days late, but around 11ish I could not stay awake any longer, and so recorded the last half-hour of the broadcast, which I only got around to watching last night. Unfortunately the dvr shut off before the end of the show, and it is a testament to my lack of being entertained that contrary to being upset that I had not set the controls properly, I was relieved that I didn't have to watch any more.

So, did Forrest Whittaker win?



pikaresque said...

Yes Forrest Witaker DID win!
Yes they did do the "bring out your dead" moment....maybe they saved that till last because the show went on so long they may have had a few more stars to add before 12:30!
As Celebhith would say "Sheeseh!"
I do feel bad for Peter O'Toole but, his legacy is Lawerence of Arabia just to name ONE! He's had some career, and many a good time.
We should all be so lucky.

PS Thanks for the net neutrality clip...have passed it on to all, and my letter to my representation here in Hooterville is in the mail!

Hey all you others...do the same, eh??


Heather said...

On the Net Neutrality topic: Yes, I sent the letter to my representative and will pass on the news once I get around to blogging more.

I'm not an awards show kind of gal, so I can't say I missed anything by not watching. I rarely want to see the movies nominated.

I didn't get to see Spamalot this past weekend in Atlanta. That is worth a pout.