Sunday, February 18, 2007

No Wonder...dammit!

In further Joss Whedon news, he just announced that he will no longer be making a Wonder Woman movie. There go my last hopes that the long awaited film won't suck. Details are very sketchy, but rumors are that Warner Brothers is looking at a WW script from a couple of unknowns.


Anyone seen Ghostrider yet? Opinion?


jacob ellard said...

ghost rider? it. don't waste 10 bucks to see it in theatres. nicholas cage should stay out of "superhero" roles. he's too.....dramatic/nicholas cage-esque.

anyway, i thought it was hokey. they needed more of a badass to play johnny blaze. i personally think Henry Rollins would have made a fucking awesome johnny blaze, but that's just me.

Anonymous said...

Nic Cage has, to me, exactly 2 acting styles: mad and not-as-mad. . . I got over him a long time ago. Like Kevin Costner, there are some good films that would have been better had neither of them been cast in them.

Akasha said...

Didn't see it, have no desire to. But I did thoroughly enjoy Breach, and am looking forward to Amazing Grace. :)