Monday, February 19, 2007

As The Bathroom Purrs

Ok, a quick relation of a surreal occurrence. This morning, around 3am, I awoke to answer the call of nature. It was dark, but all was limned in the faint green of the 'indiglow' type night light, and I expected an uneventful completion of my task. Then something odd pervaded my sleep befuzzed consciousness. Purring. Now, as you know, we share our home with the Two Kitties of the Apocalypse(tm), so a nocturnal feline encounter is not uncommon. But search as I might, and limited as I was by the activity at hand, I could spy no critter. The purring grew louder, and louder, and finally grew loud enough to become directional. Looking up my gaze met the self-satisfied visage of Starbuck happily perched atop the shelves over the commode and watching me from the comfort of the towels. This actually tops last night's surreality, a dream in which Soledad O'Brien moved in to become my second wife(no, I have no idea where that one came from), because it actually happened.

To paraphrase a much overused bumper sticker: weirdness happens.

Have a bizarre week, y'all!


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