Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Helmsman Strikes Back

Last week retired NBA star Tim Hardaway got in trouble for a ridiculous on-air rant about how he hates gay people, and how they shouldn't be allowed in the NBA, or the country. He has gotten in a lot of trouble for his comments, and though he apologized for saying them publicly, one prominent member of the gay community has come forth to try to help.


pikaresque said...

George is MY HERO!!!!
"large chocolatly head"...hahahaha
I don't watch Jimmy Kimmel
(not since Win Ben Steins' Money)
so thanks for the hook up!

and hahahahaha for Tim Hardaway!
All those hoop dreams and fame and money gone....hahahahaaha...
bigots are funny.

C.L. Jahn said...


Turtle said...

Way beyond too effing funny. This is three effing funny!

Heather said...

5 stars from this heterosexual.

I love peeps who can laugh at themselves. :)