Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Give These People A Hand

This is a groovy video of the final battle from Star Wars done only with hands. Ya gotta love the Japanese. :-)


pikaresque said...

Been trying to comment here at the Corner a few blogger can be a pain in the posterior...anyway
a)nice use of hands not involving a lubricant
b)Giving up theatre related job for "civil service"...whatever you are smoking...someone gave you some bad shit...buck up Wihtgar...your mistress(theatre)as you know,isn't always kind, but worth the's hard to get back once you me :)
c)nice cat
d)am not a gamer
e)ooops he lost his head
f)nice Rocky Horror reference
g)Giant Bunnies..YUM
h)it is time for a new Star Trek!
i)if you do pass thru CT give a big Whoop Whoop when you pass thru Norwalk, as it is my birthplace and where I was raised till @16
j)Alpha Centauri it is!...but we want our own gases...PU!

bye P/K

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool!