Sunday, December 23, 2007

Title TBA

Waaaay too long ago Duke gave me a new shield. He has been trying to lure me to the dark side of center grip, and I must confess the battle wasn't that difficult. Alas, due to my lethargic nature, the shield has taken this long to finally get painted. I asked one of my high school kids who is a brilliant artist if she would do something with my device. She totally jazzed it up, so I wanted to do her artwork justice when I painted it. Below are the results. Now I just need to get my lazy ass to practice.

And for you non SCA types, here are Artemis and Starbuck being adorable.

Feliz Navidad!


Duke said...

Shield looks cool, are you going to chalice next weekend? K8 and I will be there.

Marius said...

Alas, no Chalice. I'll be in WPB.