Sunday, December 23, 2007

Damned Computer

I have several card and board games on my computer, and while I don't expect to win every time, lately my machine has been taking great glee in not just defeating me, but has been crushing me! Does your computer ever do that to you, or is it just my devil-spawned device?


Purple Pigeon said...

lol, i dont have that many games, but because i dont really know how to play Herats, the computer takes great pleasure in making me lose spectacularly every time. Tsk. Mean

Purple Pigeon said...

Herats??? Hearts, that is meant to be

celebhith said...

My computer only starts getting nasty when I'm clearly playing better than it is! Honest! I can go along swimmingly and win several times and then it just sticks it to me! Damned computer! And what a lousy sport!