Sunday, December 09, 2007

Kickin' Some Scrooge Butt

Somehow, despite my inner Scrooge's best efforts, I'm beginning to feel the Christmas Spirit(tm). I just got back from the store where I bought a small fiber optic Christmas tree(the young'n liked it) and now we're going to decorate it. Well, some of it. I want to save some of the decorating for when the missus gets home. And so, in honor of my new found tidings of comfort and joy I give you all an early gift.

Of course, a gorgeous prancing fiddle-nymph certainly helps to raise the spirits as well. :-)



Stinkypaw said...

Yay! You found your Christmas Spirit, now that's good news! :-)

Turtle said...

Okay, now to kill your newfound spirit... You do realize that there is no way in hell she can play that fiddle and prance around like that at the same time, right?