Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hat's On

Hiya, folks! Once again I need your group brain to solve a conundrum. You may have deduced, those of you whom I've never met in person, that I make Edgar Winter look positively tan. I am pale to the point of transparency, and the Florida sun wastes no opportunity to afflict me with its deadly UV rays. I have already had two minor skin cancers excised from my flesh, and therefore rarely venture out by day without a generous slathering of sunscreen, and some sort of headgear. And herein lies my woe. I have numerous ball caps, but I don't particularly care for them. They are functional, but I have always wanted to wear a HAT. Something with personality and style. But whereas I suffer from, possibly, an overabundance of the former, I am severely lacking in the style department. So I appeal to you, my wondrous and oh so tasteful audience. Have you any suggestions for a chapeau that might suit my Luthoresque melon?

In local news, Mrs. Marius began training with the Transportation Safety Administration this week, and will soon be a full-fledged airport screener. So yay for actual income soon!! The downside? Since she'll be the new kid, she gets to work Christmas day. :-( This means that our usual attendance of the annual Christmas Eve festivities will not occur this year. Granted I'm off starting next Wednesday, but it would be quite the fecal move were I to abandon her on Christmas. But I shall be in the southern climes ere long, most likely for most of the time twixt Christmas and New Years. Check local listings for times and dates in your area.



Anonymous said...

Knowing your head, hair,
skin tone(!)and well, style?

I may suggest:
Pork pie hat (low top)
Greek sailor hat
Canadian Toque (take off, eh)

Marius said...

Hmm, Pork Pie. I had never thought of that one. Thanks, anonymous. :-)

rosebuckle said...

Me thinks you could also sport a fedora quite nicely. Ooo, in leather could be really cool!

Turtle said...

Hats are very personal. Everyone looks different in different kinds of hats. You need to take your lovely wife with you to the store whilst you try some on. Get her opinion on how you look in each different type of hat. A "boonie hat" make look cool, but doesn't suit everyone. Find the one that fits your face and style, with the wifey's help, and then, once you know the style best for you, buy more.

Stinkypaw said...

Working on Christmas day sucks, but then again she should be busy!

Did you ever think of a Tilley hat? They make some really interesting ones, both Hubby and I have one and we love them. Practical and not bad to look at! (Yeah they're Canadian, tout comme moi!) ;-)

Check them out:

Anonymous said...

Clay is very fond of fedoras and bucket hats. . . you could also try the traditional English touring cap. . .

Marius said...

My thanks for the great ideas, although here in Florida there are only about three days a year that I could wear a toque without melting like the Wicked Witch of the West in a jacuzzi. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Fedoras are nice...but alas, not you.
Not everyone is Harrison Ford Type...again..not you... and leather...not you....too dark for your light skin.
Agree with Turtle.
Wife is skilled costumer?? Yes??...wife has taste.
Have her help.

Toque was a joke....i thought you liked SCTV and the McKenzie Brothers???

Marius said...

Take off, eh! I totally knew you were kidding about the toque.