Monday, February 18, 2008

Killer Arbitrary Lines

I've been looking at that picture, but I can't make out the places where one country ends and another begins. Yet people get so bent out of shape over that arbitrary distinction. Today Kosovo declared their independance from Serbia. I don't know the history of this announcement, and I don't need to. A group of people consider themselves different enough from the majority of their parent country to wish to be their own country. So what? Let them go. I have never understood why countries get so upset when part of the country wants to calve off. And I include our own Civil War in that. I suppose we like to hide behind the pleasant fiction that the Civil War was fought to end slavery, but really it was about real estate. Boundaries are so foolish, to me, and to go to war over a voluntary exodus seems utterly pointless. Let the Kosovans have their country. Let the Basque govern themselves. Let Quebec wall off their island and annoy only each other. (just kidding, Stinky) When one nation forceably annexes another, that's grounds for battle. But when one area wants to become autonomous, and there are enough people in that group to warrant it, I say let them go. What is the big deal?

Lord Marius of Mariusland

I make the Quebec joke based solely on my experience with retired Quebecois who come to Florida in huge RV's and drive, if possible, even worse than we do.

The only two people from Quebec that I actually know, i.e. Stinkypaw and a lovely young actress named Cora Lebuis, are wonderful folks of whom I am quite fond.


Anonymous said...

Love your back-pedalling post script.
While all of this sounds good- I cannot help but to think this approach would be mired with unforseen consequences. For instance- I own the land on which I live- why couldn't I declare it Monkeyvania thus allowing me to avoid all of the civic responsiblities that are part of citizenship, while still enjoying many of the benefits that come with life in the US.

Marius said...

I actually have no problem with that, as long as you would have no problem needing a passport to go to the grocery store, and have to go through customs every time you leave your driveway. Plus you would no longer be able to summon the police or fire dept. in an emergency.

Stinkypaw said...

You know what you answered to Monkey is exactly how I feel about QC separatists, but the thing is they want their own country but also want the benefits of their "old" country. It's like a kid who leaves home, but expect to get food, or his laundry done by his mother... can't have it both ways!

Purple Pigeon said...

I can see the boundies for the UK pretty well.

Though don't think that this is because I'm a loyal briton.
Its because....well..... when the border ends, the sea starts.
Genuis, me.

Turtle said...

Like Marius hinted at, you wouldn't get to keep those benefits. No fire, no police. In addition to needing a passport, and visa, to leave your driveway, you'd have to pay toll to use the roads. Actually, you can, essentially, declare yourself independent, and be free from taxes. But you'd face most of the difficulties mentioned. No public agency support. No public school. The list goes on. All choices have consequences.

Hey Purple Pigeon... Your kingdom borders are easy to spot... How about those of the individual countries? Can you spot the big, black line between England and Scotland? How about Wales? All right, I'll give you Ireland... Just testing your genius. :)

Purple Pigeon said...

Erm, well, the border between England and Scotland is there...look... you can see the angry ginger tarten line, and as for wales, the big white line if sheep trying to escape. And if you can't see that, then Scotland and Wales are the parts that dont have furiously complaining, queuing, tea drinking chavs on it. Its a fact, you can see the chav herd from Space....

I think i sufficiantly insulted everyone there.

Though maybe not a herd of chavs. Maybe they should be a 'Hoodie' of Chavs, or a 'Tracksuit' of Chavs. Requires more thought....