Sunday, September 30, 2007

Trebuchet Wins

From in Baltimore:

N.H. Pumpkin Tosser Knocked Out By Launcher
(AP) GREENFIELD, N.H. The first weekend of pumpkin flinging season ended abruptly Sunday in Greenfield when one of the operators of a catapault-like device was knocked out in a freak accident.

Chuck Willard of Hancock was hit in the chin by the boom on the Yankee Seige, a remake of a medieval weapon called a trebuchet. It can toss pumpkins 300 yards and it knocked Willard for a loop.

An employee at the attraction said Willard was out for about two minutes.

He was treated and released and said to be anxious to start tossing pumpkins again.

The Yankee Siege, on Route 31, will be launching pumpkins, weather permitting, every weekend through the end of next month.

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rosebuckle said...

The trebuchet at Roloff Farm (Little People Big World on TLC) just outside Portland, Org, clobbered an old friend & the youngest son last year! And we got to see it on TV. Both were OK.
They were also launching pumpkins.
Hmm, do we need a "License" to trebuchet?! LOL