Thursday, September 27, 2007

It seems, sometimes, that the world is getting crazier and crazier. The handbasket journey south is accelerating to superluminal velocities, and the freak show, not the clowns, is running the circus. Then I try to pause, and reflect that in this age of nearly instantaneous transmission of information, we are merely hearing more about the same number of atrocities. Well, I don't buy that any more. The news lately had been literally riddled with stories of adults sleeping with underage children. And more often than not, it seems, it's women sleeping with boys. Now I will be the first to say that this is a glass house in which I must be very careful of my aim, given that my first great love(and lover) was 17 years my senior, and I was 17, but most of these kids have been under the age of 15. I realize that kids seem to be much more mature for their ages these days. Hell, while I was at the high school I often had to remind myself just how young they really were. But then again, and please don't take offence Zo-Zo, but for the most part one only has to talk with most of them for a few minutes to be totally aware of how young they are. And they should be like that. Yes, they play with sex the way we played with Garbage Pail Kids, but they are figuring each other out at their own pace, and they change partners more often than most high school jocks change their underwear. I'm not condoning it, and in a way I'm rather jealous, but they aren't getting into lasting relationships, or doing anything most of us wouldn't have done had the mores of our times been as lax as they are now. And another thing, when trouble arises these youngsters throw each other under the bus faster than a polar bear in a bobsled. So what adult would risk their jobs, their marriages, even their freedom to have sex with someone who is far too emotionally ill-equipped to handle the relationship, and couldn't keep a secret to save his or her life? Far too many, it seems. Granted the perception has always been that a girl has been abused, while a boy is just damned lucky, but perceptions are changing. Judges are taking just as harsh a stand with women as with men, especially when the perp is a teacher. I'm man enough to admit that the temptation to abuse that position of power is very real, but I'm also man enough to keep the temptation under control. That's one of the main things that separates humans from animals. Or at least it should be. Fourteen year old girls may dress like Paris Hilton, and fifteen year old boys may be as ripped and undressed as 50 Cent, but they must not have what innocence they have torn from them by some selfish pig or sow who's rampant hormones are only exceeded by their unfathomable stupidity.

In my humble opinion.



Anonymous said...

You have tapped into something that completely baffles and repulses me. I work with teenagers. I have never found a single thing about them sexy. They are pimply, smelly or covered in Axe- or smelly and trying to cover it up with Axe and have all the charm of moldy turnips. Now before you cry foul- they are sweet, funny and it is exciting to see them discover something new. But sexy? Never.
So I do not get it- I have had students who fart as a punch line- do these teachers have some kind of suave, just not legal Antonio Bandarises (Bandarisi?)that I have just never taught?
Additionally, when I was dating, I liked going places- to dinner, maybe a bar- perhaps an rated R movie- where are these women going on dates? McDonalds? And what do they talk about during this date- Halo 3?
Just dont get it.
I a total contradiction to everything I just said above I am interested in the salacious story from your past you hinted at in the post. Will you be posting on that anytime soon?

la monk

Anonymous said...

Well said, Marius! And sometimes these stories put me in a quandry as well. . . but at least I wasn't a teacher (well, not in the traditional sense).