Monday, September 03, 2007

A Laurel...and Hearty Handshake

When I first started using the intertubes waaaaaay back in 1996 or '97 the first thing I did was try to track down long lost friends. Alas, at the time the web had not become as pervasive as it is now, and I had little luck. Nowadays, however, the pendulum is swinging back the other way, and I have had several happy, if electronic, reunions. And one of the most recent, and happiest, is the return of one of my dearest friends from days past. She is a newcomer to the corner, and I would like to bid K a fond welcome. Some of you may remember back in the early '80's I took as my page(in the SCA) a skinny young waif with a fiery temperament and a predilection for sheep. She was a tender 15 at the time, and some of you gave me no small ration of poop for 'robbing the cradle', though there was never any funny business twixt K and me. My goal was always to watch out for her, and train her in the ways of the Force. Well, the lass is all growed up now, and has been both an Army ordinance disposal, uh, person?(sorry, dear. I don't know what to call that position.)and a police officer. So I don't imagine she needs much in the way of watching out for, but I am so thrilled to have her back in my life. She lives quite far away, alas, but we hope to meet in person before too long. Anyway, welcome to The Corner, K. I hope you visit often.

I will be leaving to start my new job in about an hour, so there will be a full report this evening. Stay tuned! :-)


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K. said...

YaY! Thanks for the kind words. It would be great to see old friends from the SCA! Speaking of which, you never did tell me that story about Tearlach (I am sure there are so many) - and you forgot about competetive kickboxing. I was into that scene, too...people might want to consider THAT next time a cradle comes into their mind's eye...or they think about harming a gentle, defenseless woolly mammal! K. (or as some of you may remember me, Bronwyn the Little Welsh Sheepgirl)