Sunday, May 13, 2007

As The Arachnid Turns

Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a half-transexual, lesbian clone pretending to be a wealthy business person, but is really an international jewel thief can...

Now I like good character development as much as the next person, but the soap opera at the center of Spiderman 3 takes things a bit too far. The action in the new flick is great, and they have made great strides in making the CGI portions of the film look more lifelike, but there is this huge section in the middle that is all about love, and doubt, and responsibility, and self-sacrifice, and putting your loved one before yourself, and...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Talk, talk, talk, weep, scowl, talk, blah, pout, cry some more, etc.

When the film isn't being boring it's awesome, but the slow pace almost makes me long for Ang Lee to get involved. As in the previous two there is a great cameo by Bruce Campbell, and Topher Grace pulls off 'scumbag' really well, but there is this emotional tug-of-war with Mary Jane that I just don't get. Sure Kirsten Dunst is attractive(not my cup of tea, but I understand why folks dig her) but the character doesn't do much other than act as a convenient hostage and angst generator.

Anyway, I won't suggest you don't go see it, since I'm pretty sure you all want to, and it's not horrible, just a bit dull at points. Maybe the director's cut will break the mold and be 20 minutes shorter. That would improve the film immensely.

Your friendly, neighborhood Marius.


Anonymous said...

Shrek next weekend- are you going? I saw Hot Fuzz last week- I recommend it!
I have never seen a Spiderman movie- do they still use the song they used in the cartoon? Does he say "Spidey Senses?"

Marius said...

They always manage to find a place to play the old cartoon song somewhere in the films, and no, now that you mention it Spidey doesn't say much at all while in costume. I really miss the smart-ass banter he always kept going while kicking bad guy butt. Actually, I think what is missing most from S3 is a sense of fun. It's deadly serious all the way through.

As for Shrek, yes we will definately be seeing that. And we loved Shaun of the Dead, so Hot Fuzz is a no brainer. :-)

C.L. Jahn said...

"Deadly serious all the way through?" Did you slip out to the men's room during the J. Jonah Jameson scenes? I will also point out that in the comics, Spidey doesn't have a lot of quips for Venom, either.
They crammed a lot of story into one movie, and I think that did slow it down a bit.

pikaresque said...

We were disappointed....
and please some stop Kirsten Dunst from singing!!! No wonder Mary Jane got fired from a Broadway Show.
(I needed some Mary Jane myself just to sit through it)
AND, last, but not least, a pivotal scene where Goblin's son must make a decision AND
The Green Goblin's manservant appears out of no-where with a
"what the F**k" monologue....
And I said (out loud for all to hear)
"Butler Ex Machina!"
My husband spit out his drink and that was the best part of the movie.

Thank you and Goodnight!


Anonymous said...

It's Shrek the Third I'm waiting to see. . . Spidey's okay at best (IMHO). But it looks like I'll have to go along - beloved son being in WA and all. . . *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Alone. . .I'm going alone, not along! Sheeeese!

And how cool that the word verification this time was "oegrr"???