Friday, May 25, 2007

Are you hoopy?

Hey all you hoopy froods, it's May 25th, and that means it's Towel Day. Since 2001 Douglas Adams fans have been asked to carry around a towel to commemorate the life, and way too early death of the wonderful author who brought us The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and Dirk Gently. Here is the explanation of the event from the Towel Day web site:

Towel Day was intended to be a wake. A way of showing respect for the passing of this most hoopy frood. It was first slated for one week after his death, but that didn't give us nearly enough time to get the word out. So we moved it to two weeks after his death. This question also appears in the form, "But, why not 42 days after his death?" Again, it's all about timing, 42 days is a long time in the history of the Universe, so we were concerned that the enthusiasm would vaporize like a planet in the path of a Vogon Constructor Fleet. Some people still won't give up, and ask "But, why not on Thursday, since that's when the trilogy begins? Well, we didn't think about that until the idea had already exploded across the Internet. I could never get the hang of Thursdays, anyway. If you have any other questions about why Towel Day is on May 25th, instead of (insert date here), feel free to consult your Guide.

So while it is always vital that you know where your towel is, today take extra care to have it nearby. And if you have yet to enjoy any of Douglas Adams' books, grab your towel, forget the bulldozers, and rush to the bookstore...before it's too late!

No panic here,


Queen Bad Kitty said...

I'm in!

Techie4Life said...

I hope you didn't wear that to work today. It would be funny if you did but sad because I missed it. XD I'm sure the admins would have loved to see you walk in wearing a towel.......... on second thought, nevermind.

Anonymous said...

Looks like I missed it too (didn't even know it existed until just now - shame on me!), but I'll be ready next year!!!!

I consider this one of the best PSAs ever!