Wednesday, May 09, 2007

45 Nights in Paris

Fully realizing the irony of my complaining here about Paris Hilton's so called ubiquity on the news, I'm going to do so again, although with a bit of gloating thrown in just because I can. Just in case you have missed the recent events, our beloved heiress, whose only talent I can fathom is a total lack of a gag reflex, is going to jail.

You know what, in trying to research this story so I can use pertinent details and accurate commentary I just threw up a little. I can't stand her so much that I can't even tolerate reading about her going to jail. I'll just pray that we get a 45 day reprieve from her, and can go on about our business.


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Anonymous said...

GD Paris- taking up all of our precious bitching time- ack! The most curious in all of this is that someone can be so un-self-aware and so disconnected to the rest of the world.
I simply cannot imagine what that must be like. It seems to be beyond spoiled- could this be a mental disorder?