Friday, October 31, 2008

Well...Isn't That Special

So, just when I thought I could deal with all the crap going down, yet another cosmic curve ball comes rocketing over the plate. I went in to work this morning, gave some orders to my minions, then headed to Home Depot to pick up some more set building stuff. As I'm pulling out of the parking lot my phone rings, and an unfamiliar voice asks if I am who I am. I reply in the affirmative, and he tells me that he is a paramedic who just took my wife out of a car wreck, and she's fine, but they are taking her to the hospital to confirm that she's fine. So I race back to the shop, drop off the stuff, bark some orders, tell my boss what's happening, and haul ass to the hospital. The parking garage is about five miles from the ER, but I eventually get there. She's in a bed/gurney thing with a neck brace on. They wheel her off to get a CAT scan and x-rays and I wait. During the wait a police officer drops by to give her a ticket for running a stop sign. He was very polite and as pleasant as possible given the circumstances. Finally she comes back and we wait. She's banged up, but not too badly, and managed to not get the airbag in the face. The car is apparently a total loss, but the insurance company will have to make that determination. I would imagine so from what was described to me.(I haven't seen it yet) Finally, after numerous tests, and a very unpleasant IV, they determine that she is bruised, but unbroken, and we can go home. It's now 4 hours since I arrived at the hospital. We pick up the COA on the way home, and then I had to go back to work to try to get something done. Fortunately a couple of my more dedicated students came in to help, but by 9pm I was physically and emotionally drained. I have to really bust my ass over the next few days since the show opens on Thursday, and hopefully our insurance has a rental car provision, otherwise I'll be taking her to work at 3am, picking her up at 9:30am, bringing her home, then going to work myself.


Let the fucking sunshine in my ass!

Marius the Grumpy


C.L.J. said...

Jeez, the gods really have it in for you, don't they?

Just for shits and giggles, buy a package of the cheapest pipe tobacco you can find. Go to the edge of the nearest woods and leave it for the Old Ones. It can't hurt.

(Don't leave the package, just dump it out in a neat pile.)

weathereye said...

Things can only get better, right? After all this, the show is going to kick tail and you will be the toast of the town. Trust me on this one.

Alysoun said...

OK - i Officially Declare Marius, Mrs. Marius, the CoA and any and all members of the Marius network OFF LIMITS FOR ANY MORE STUPID!!!!!


flurrious said...

That's why I gave up on optimism back in the 90s; it always ends in disappointment. I'm glad your wife wasn't seriously hurt.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness she is safe and well.
Hang in there!

rosebuckle said...

Sometimes an accident is just an accident. Glad she OK & didn't get hit with the air bag. When I had my first accident I got hit & looked like Steven Tyler with a fat lip for a week. I didn't even realize it until I got home & looked in the mirror.
Hope YOU won't give up on optimism. Everything passes the bad times AND the good. It's your choice to choose happiness regardless of the circumstances around you. I've tried both optimism & pessimism. The first is much better.
Remember - this to will pass.
Love to you all.

Rabid Attack Sheep said...

I was just tuning in to make a commment and offer whatever support I can for dealing with your Mom's illness... and found this. HOLY COW!!! Turtle and I want you all to know that you have our love and support. If there is anything we can do to help out, please let us know. We really mean that.

Queen Bad Kitty said...

I just checked in...and yikes!
So glad she is okay...this is the Universe's way of telling you
Got it.
Be well and safe....for pitty sake it's just a show Mickey Rooney!


Turtle said...

Like Sheeps said, anything we can do... As for the car, it sucks, but it is just a car. Just a thing. The very most important part is that your darling wife is fine.

Anonymous said...

That sucks like a black hole.
And you just can't tell what's around the next bend.
You can only take it from here on go on.

Anonymous said...

I can only repeat what everyone else has said. . .thank goodness Mrs. M is ok and the car, totalled or not, is simply a thing that is replaceable (one way or another). Things can only get better from now on, right? As always, you have my love and anything I can do to help.

Stinkypaw said...

She wasn't hurt, that's the main thing, remember that!