Monday, October 20, 2008

F*#k Off, Tallahassee

Why is it that asshole Conservatives who claim to support smaller and less intrusive government can't wait to legislate their own twisted, 14th century, limp-dicked, frozen vagina morality? Amendment 2 proposes to 'protect' marriage as only between one man and one woman. You know what, if my friends K and T were to get married, it would not affect my marriage one bit...well, except to give us one hell of an excuse to party. This whole thing is such a blatant fucking smokescreen, yet all the mouth breathing Neocons out there will eat it up like the whole damned planet will go up in flames should this amendment not pass. Bullshit like this just makes me want to grab every last redneck-minded simpleton who thinks that this amendment is anything other than a weapon of mass distraction and shake them until all the stupid falls out of their single-wavelength tuned ears.

Tomorrow morning I'll be voting early. I just wish I could vote twice.

I know I'm preaching to the choir for the most part, but please, if you value human dignity, or if you believe in what the Republican party used to at least pretend to believe in, vote no on Amendment 2. I don't care who else you vote for, but shoot this ridiculous, bigoted, narrow-minded, hate-filled piece of bogus legislation down for good. Please.

Good night,


Turtle said...

So, how do you really feel about this?

Yup, choir preachin here. I can't even begin to understand why people think that a same sex wedding would, in any way, shape or form affect my marriage. What has their happiness have to do with mine? What? The day someone can enlighten me is the day... No, there won't be that day. There is no logical explanation. Period.

While most, if not all, amendments deserve a no vote for the simple reason that they're total crap, but this one deserves a HELL NO.

Anonymous said...

Just what we need: more useless legislation. Apart from the fact that this amendment is wrong, it cost extra to put it into law.

Just what we need: more money to be thrown at nothing.

It is indeed ironic, people screaming and shouting for less goverment intrusion actually mean 'more of our laws and intrusion and less of theirs'.

Just what we don't need.

Alysoun said...

Yep- on it. There is some good news, though...My truly Christian, mostly Republican legal assistant and her fiancee (same religion and politics) are voting NO on 2...her mom is as well, although his dad is voting yes.

The Christian Right (which is honestly neither)nonetheless is showing some fractures along this faultline, with younger Christians tending toward a far more sane, rational, compassionate (dare we say TRULY Republican)viewpoint on this issue.

I may not be holding my breath, but I think I may see the top of the water line...


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna try and vote early this week also. . .and yes, I will be voting NO!

Anonymous said...

This ammendment just sucks. My source in Tallahassee says that there is even more ugly stuff in this than what we are lead to believe. Stuff that will hurt the elderly too - so it's a big HELL NO!

Glad to see we are all in agreement.