Sunday, October 05, 2008

RIP, Bennett Strange

In mid-2002 I was getting ready to leave grad school and was looking for a job. I was introduced to Tammy Killian, the Artistic Director for the theatre at Louisiana College. We got along, and she invited me to come for an interview. I went, and was hired. Not long after that I received a letter from China from a man named Bennett Strange. He was the head of the division of which the theatre program was a part, but he was out of the country. Based solely on Tammy's description of my visit he wanted to personally welcome me into the family. When I finally did get to meet him, picture a slim, well groomed and somewhat grumpy Santa Claus, we got along quite well. He constantly thanked me for my efforts, and was always glad to engage in conversation. He was something of a curmudgeon at times, and a devout Christian, and on very rare occasions we didn't always agree, but I respected, and loved him dearly. And now he is gone. He was diagnosed with cancer several months ago, and seemed to be doing well, but I just received word that he passed away. I don't know the details, but I do know that the world has lost a good man, and the river of tears that must be flowing in Louisiana will be deep, and swift.

Good bye, Bennett. If there is a Heaven, you are surely in a place of honor there.


Karlajo67 said...

Thanks so much for posting something about Bennett. That's more than LC did on the website. I loved Bennett so much! He was one of the most unique people I have ever known and completely unapologetic about who he was. I loved that about him. Thanks for all of the memories Bennett. Words can't say how much you meant to me!

Karla Traylor Kirby

Kristen (Buchanan) Buley said...

I agree with Karla about Bennett. He was completely unapologetic about who he was, and you loved him even more for it. He laughed uncensored during TLC productions, and was just an awesome individual, not to mention awesome mentor and debate coach. I will forever remember Bennett...Sweet Ole Bennett (SOB)

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Marius. I do love the way you honor those people who impacted your life and I'm sure Bennet is watching you even as we speak (type).