Thursday, October 02, 2008

Veep Stakes

I'm still sick as hell, and quite exhausted, but I want to say a few things while they are fresh in what's passing for my mind. Biden did well, and did not put his foot in his mouth. Palin pissed me off many times in her avoidance of questions, but it was funny how you could tell when she was extemporizing, a condescending tone, downturned eyes, and sarcastic smirk, and then she'd find the mental file and she'd click into rhetoric and the smirk would vanish and she'd look straight into the camera. There was a moment when her condescending tone made me long for the old fashioned honesty of a Cheney 'go fuck yourself!' I did not go into this wanting to dislike Palin, even though I disagree with most of her policies, but I left really wanting to smack her in the mouth. I'll admit she did handle the debate better than I expected, but she was, and forgive me for choosing such a gender charged term, a complete bitch. And before I sink too far into a sexist quagmire if a man had used that tone I would call him an asshole. Biden was respectful of her through the entire debate, but she often treated him like a misbehaving teenager. Did this debate change my mind about which party I favor? No. Did this make me even more dedicated to getting Obama elected if for no other reason than to not have to listen to her for at least four years? Yes.

And now I'm going to take my rotting corpse to bed.

Good night and God bless.


Anonymous said...

We'll agree to disagree on the bitch thing.

I am disappointed that Palin did as well as she did. I would have liked the moderator to call her on not answering the questions.

As a "regular American" I do not like being talked down to; I feel Palin did that. I am not a "Joe-Six Pack," nor any variation of an animal in cosmetics- and I won't understand your points better if you use incorrect grammar. She is confusing common language for lack of a better term- lowe-socio-economic regionalisms. Spare me. If you are so committed to straight talk- then just answer the questions directly.

While Palin will be hailed for not totally sucking, Biden breezed through this effortlessly. And no notice will be made.

They say we get the government we deserve. That worries me. A lot.

Queen Bad Kitty said...

"if a man had used that tone I would call him an asshole"
So would I Marius.
I don't remember people handling Hillary with such kid gloves.
I DO remember them almost wanting to make her cry (which she didn't)
Why all of a sudden are we not allowed "call out" a candidate just because she has "boobies" hee hee hee.
We can handle it; or not..just like dudes!
Could any of us handle this senario:

Palin: MY Fellow Americans.
In this time of grief, I will do my duty and assume the Presidency of the United States, okey dokey?"
wink wink

That is what is comes down to.

Side note:
Can we PLEEASE stop using the word "Maverick"?
To quote the movie the Princess Bride "You keep using that word.I do not think it means what you think it does"

Thanks for the post Marius and the insight. Hope yu are feeling less
pooperdoo real soon.


Turtle said...

"Does Joe Biden hafta slap a bitch?"

Yeah, Sarah "did well"(hey, if she can get away with "Kin ah call yoo Joe?", then I'm callin' her Sarah), meaning simply that she didn't royally screw up. I think that was all the GOP was hoping for.

She seemed... coached. You could see her visibly hesitate on questions that she had no idea about, but instead of answering with the dumbass "I'll get back to you", she resorted to the same old rhetoric. "He's a Maverick!" "Energy Alternatives!" "War hero!"

You know what?? I salute McCain for what he went through, but sitting in a box in the jungle for 3 years does NOT give you the experience to win a war, nor does it make you the best candidate for President!

I agree that the moderator should have kept Sarah on track. She skipped around far too many questions. I just wish that she would have spent a little less time trying to be my new girlfriend, and a little more effort convincing me that she's got a brain and is not Edie McClurg and Satan's love child...

flurrious said...

The debate format actually suits Palin really well because she can dodge questions and not get called on it since the moderator needs to move on to the next point. You could see Palin starting to fall apart about 15 minutes into it, when Biden would rebut her previous non-answer, but when she realized that Gwen Ifill was not going to call on her to respond to the rebuttal, she seemed to relax.

It was pretty clear at times that she didn't know what she was saying; she was just emptying her head of the scripted and rehearsed information that McCain's people have been drilling into her for the past week. Never more so when she started talking about the legislative powers of the VP. I was glad to see Biden decisively kick her ass on that point, and I wish he had done more of that, but if he had, then all we'd be hearing today is more of the "poor picked-on Sarah" rhetoric.

As for who won? Obama supporters will say Biden; McCain's will say Palin. What matters is what the undecided voters are saying, and from what I've been seeing so far, the undecided voters are now leaning away from McCain/Palin and many are now firmly in the Obama camp. Gee whiz, Sare! I guess ya' shoulda winked a coupla more times!