Friday, October 03, 2008


As I have mentioned many times I enjoy the podcasts and forums of They are a group of Brits who do podcasts about movies, and TV shows, and current events, and just about anything you can think of. The forums are frequented by people from all over the world including Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, and of course the UK and US. As a result of this I have found some Britishisms working their way into my colloquial lexicon. Some of them I had heard before, and some were new, and the new one that is most relevant right now is 'poorly'. It is what someone from Leeds says when they are feeling ill. It is obviously short for 'feeling poorly' but the feeling part has been lost in the mists of time and now one merely says, "I'm poorly." I love this phrase because even in its abbreviated state it is far more grammatically accurate than our equivalent "I feel bad."

The reason this phrase is so much on my mind of late is that I am very poorly right now. I've mentioned having a bit of a cold, but this is the absolute worst cold from Hell I've ever had. Normally I feel like crap for a day or two, then it gradually decreases in its intensity over the next few days. Well this started last week and I feel every bit as lousy today as I did on Monday. I went to the doctor today and they took very good care of me, giving me numerous medicines and orders to stay in bed all weekend, but I still feel poorly. At least C's laptop is the gift that keeps on giving, and I am writing this as I lie on my, I mean couch...trying not to cough too much. So if I'm a bit less productive, blogwise, over the next couple of days I hope you understand.

Buh bye.

Marius the Infirm


Anonymous said...

You need some chicken soup?

Turtle said...

Really hate to tell you this, but I've been fighting the same bug - for about 4 weeks now. It hangs on. And on. Good luck.

Purple Pigeon said...

Hope you make a recovery from your epic struggle with your poorliness!

And its not just people from Leeds. Its a nationwide thing....

For maximum effect, say it in a pathetic little voice

''I'm poorly....'' *sniff*

Marius said...

Trust me, oh Violet One, pathetic is not something I must needs work at right now. ;-)