Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just the Facts

While I really have no obligation to remain unbiased toward the presidential campaign, especially since I support Obama, I do try to remain informed as to the shenanigans perpetrated by both parties. In my view all politicians are lying, cheating, vicious weasels who would gladly sell their parents into slavery on Mars if it meant a few more percentage points from The Polls. Unfortunately this means that I vote for the weasel I feel is less likely to hose me, and more likely to hose someone else. Thus I favor Obama. I don't really care if the rich get more taxes, and we've seen that the whole trickle down theory is similar to what the town downstream of the sewage plant gets. However, in the interest of furthering the cause of more information, I give you This site, which is non-partisan, looks at all the claims by all the candidates and rates them on the basis of fact, not hyperbole. If you want to fact-check the Palin letter I posted the other day, they do so item by item. I will admit that some of the facts stated don't seem quite so bad once put into context, but all it shows to me is that she is no better than any other politician. I still don't like her for veep, and I will continue to support keeping her and McCain out of the White House.

You may notice that the Clay Aiken post is gone. Once again I underestimated C's feelings about him, and what I thought was a light-hearted issue is not. Out of my love for her I have removed the post, and will say no more about the subject.

And now I must get ready for work. See y'all soon.



Turtle said...

Please send my apologies C's way. I was just poking fun and would never deliberately hurt her. Yes, I'd call her obsessed, but there are far worse folks in this world to idolize...

Anonymous said...

Honestly, you didn't have to remove the entire post, M. The "I told you so" would have been sufficient. I am a big girl and the truth is, despite the fact that I (and other Claymates) tend to defend Clay to the core, he has no need of our defense. He is a good, caring, spiritual human being with a great talent. That's really all that he should be judged by.

And thank you, turtle, for your love and caring as well. In the Clay Nation (yes, we have one) it's not considered an obsession (people tend to want to give you meds and put you in funny, short white coats with leather straps if you're obsessed), but a lifestyle. And, as you said, there really ARE far worse folks in this world to idolize than Clay.

Alysoun said...

Is it wrong to love BOTH Metallica AND Kelly Clarkson?


Marius said...

"Is it wrong to love BOTH Metallica AND Kelly Clarkson?"