Saturday, September 13, 2008

Craig Ferguson on the Election

I've never watched this guy, but I might start. Give this a watch.


rosebuckle said...

I love Craig Ferguson. You know he just became an American citizen this past year & he has been very excited about it. Wish I had seen this live (I don't watch him every night). Thanks for putting this up, I would have missed it otherwise. He pretty much says it all in a nut shell.

flurrious said...

Craig Ferguson is great. I hardly ever watch him because I am old and usually can't stay awake past 10:30, but if I am up, I'm more likely to watch Craig than Conan.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'd better start TiVoing him. . . here's a brand, spanking new citizen and he's showing us how to be good Americans! Ironic isn't it?