Friday, September 26, 2008



Queen Bad Kitty said...

That was powerful.

What do we do besides write letters and, of course, vote?
How do we, the taxpayers, take our
power back?
I'll be watching the debate tonight. I hope others will too; with a kean eye and keener ear.

You know, I really have never been a person impressed by a show of wealth. I have never been swayed by sparkly things or big shot jestures...and I guess, thank God for it. It's easier to be happy with less. But what about our elderly? Our poor? Our children?
I'm not a church-going person, but
I can tell you, sincere prayers go out to all of us to make it through
this without mericiless hardships.

Sorry for the length of my post, Marius. Thanks for YOUR post.

Real heroes are needed now.


Anonymous said...

Only one mistake that I could see in Rep. Kaptur's speech. . . the American people are NOT getting bilked. . . we're getting royally f*cked! Why don't people like HER run for President?????

Alysoun said...

I'm moving to Toledo.

Anonymous said...

This is the 2nd piece I have seen of her. She did one about Ford building a factory in Mexico, and the Bush Administration was getting ready to privatize our interstate highways by selling them to Spanish investors- and those are the interstates that would truly divide America in half.

Thank goodness there IS someone thinking about us poor folks. God, if we could just seize their personal assets, maybe we could put a huge dent in the mess they created.

And if they're bailing people out, I know of someone close to me with a helluva student loan debt that would long for freedom.

dmarks said...

I wasn't aware that Spain had a lot of foreign investment capital it was sending out. But I wonder if it is worth a shot if privatizing the freeways would make an end run around the Davis-Bacon Act, which has made it too expensive to fix the infrastructure.