Thursday, April 05, 2007

Job Interviews and Synaptic Meltdowns

First the 'big' news. I had a phone interview with the faculty of the University of South Florida theatre department today. I think it went well, but then it is rather difficult to gauge such things over the phone. I answered their questions as best I could, and they did not sound displeased with my responses, so the bottom line is...we'll see. Prithee keep those extremities intersected. And if, by some chance any of the faculty are here visiting my little corner of the intertubes, welcome. :-)
On to some weirdness. Song lyrics. I stumbled across a video of Barnes & Barnes' Fish Heads a few minutes ago, and it got me thinking about bizarre song lyrics. I mean, it's really hard to beat 'Roly poly fish heads are never seen drinking cappuccino in Italian restaurants with oriental women...yeah.', but it can be done. Here's just one example that leaps to mind. It's from They Might Be Giants' song Mr. Horrible, and it goes, "Would it be ok with you if we wrote a reminder of things we'd forget to do today otherwise, using a green magic marker, if it's ok, on the back of your head?" Your turn. What are some of the weirdest, most obscure lyrics you can think of. And just to keep things interesting, no John Lennon or Jim Morrison.
From the fiery furnace of feline affection department, Starbuck(registered Kitty-o-the-Apocalypse tm) has gone from being an unbearably adorable kitten, to an aloof adolescent, to a house wrecking teenager, and is now becoming a five pound Lummox-O-Luv. Up until a week ago the very thought of sleeping in the same bed with us was unthinkable, but ever since that pic I put up a few posts ago he has chosen to sleep either just above my head, or as in the other night, snuggled right up against me. Cute, right? Sure, except it has grown warm again, and I awoke in the middle of the night to find myself constrained to a 12" strip of bed with a sleeping wife to the right of me, and a c-shaped, fuzzy heating element to the left. The a/c was still set for the cooler nights, and I was stewing in my own juices. I eventually gave up the fight to remain asleep and got up to turn down the air. The cat barely had the decency to wake up.
Finally there is a band called Saliva, who's music has always resided in the 'meh' aisle in my mental record store, but they have a new song called Ladies and Gentlemen that, imho, rocks. Check it out. And PIKARESQUE, if you listen to the musical bridge about two thirds through the song, Rap Cat puts in a cameo.
Ok, enough drivel for one night. May the Great Bird of the Galaxy watch over you all.


pikaresque said...

Thanks for the tip!
Meow meow meow meow
meow meow meowwwww
muh meow meow
meow meow
meow meow meow meowwww


jacob ellard said...

ok, for some weird lyrics, we'll go with the song "Junkie Man" by Rancid.

"My hand went blind
You're in the vane, clairvoyant
You're in the vein, clairvoyant
My hand went blind
I make love to my transistor
My trans-sister
And my transparency from the balcony
I looked out on the big field
On the big field, it opens like the cover of an old Bible,
And out come the wolves
Out come the wolves,
their paws trampling the snow and the alphabet
I stand on my head watching it all go away"

gotta love the godfathers of Oakland punk rock.