Saturday, April 14, 2007

George Bush Loves Gay People

WhatWhatWHAT?! You heard me. George Bush, and the entire RNC for that matter, loves gay people. And abortionists, too. Here's my reasoning. Every election Democrats try to campaign on important issues: health care, campaign finance reform, tax reform, etc. And each year(except the most recent one) they get stomped like a Narc at Bike Week because even though people realize that these are the truly important issues, they are more complicated than Kim Jong Il's psyche chart. The Republicans, on the other hand, know how to jerk the knees of thier constituents. If gays are allowed to marry, can human sacrifice be far behind? Blastocysts are babies too, albeit microscopic bundles of less than 1oo cells, but babies nonetheless, and it is far more dignified for the hundreds of unused embryos in in vitro clinics to go into the garbage than it is for them to go into stem cell labs. I'm sure the Shrub Prince gives prayers of thanks to his God for the boon of issues that affect a very few, yet piss off so very many.

Ok, I'm done for the night. TTFN.


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